With years of experience in the beauty industry Amanda has truly perfected her craft. With her unique bridal artistry, Amanda is highly sought after by brides and feels weddings are her passion. Working closely with industry giants, Amanda has crossed paths with Professional makeup artists, hairstylists, wedding planners, photographers, & other professionals in the industry. She has developed a unique technique that always leaves her clients satisfied and wanting more. She’s always perfecting her craft and gains additional experience traveling with Modeling Agencies. While she is highly requested by beauty professionals, her goal is to never be complacent! She Believes in Maintaining Natural Beauty while slightly enhancing the feminine wow!

Constantly developing a new era of techniques and beauty products; Amanda has started her own beauty line that focuses on bringing high quality products back into the beauty industry and into client homes. For Products Click Here!

I’m excited to be able to expand my brand and anxious for all that’s to come. Maintain Beauty, Because Real Women Maintain.”
— Amanda